Introducing JUN META, NFT-centered Play-to-Earn World

‌JUN Meta is GameFi based on the Klaytn Network.

Jun Meta offers a whole new P2E Model that applies revenue model of DeFi centered on NFT.

JUN Meta’s objectives are ‘Play to Earn(P2E)’ and ‘Burn’, centered around NFT

‘Play to Earn’ means earning money by playing games.

Take Axie Inifinity, for an example, it has in-game tokens such as SLP and AXS which are listed in one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance.

Axie Infinity has formed ‘Play to Earn’ ecosystem which lets users to buy NFT(characters) and earn SLP token if they win a battle or complete daily quests, which then can be swapped into other tokens.

Jun Meta plans to build P2E model through constant burning mechanism which base its core in NFT and Game.

Lately, barrier for entrance has become too high for new users to play Axie Infinity due to inflation of its in-game tokens.

On the other hand, deflation of earned tokens have brought negative impact for existing users to monetize.

To address current problems of P2E games, Jun Meta offers two solutions.

1) Games that are easily playable, thus lowering the barrier to enter.

2) Constant Burning Mechanism that brings stability to algorithm and prioritize user monetization.

JUN Meta exists only for stability of algorithm and user monetization.

We aim to be the front runner of P2E Market.

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