JUN is issued and distributed to users locked in JUNS Staking by the *Treasury Contract according to the distribution volume for each round.

  • Round time: 08:00(UTC+9), 16:00(UTC+9), 24:00 (UTC+9)

Price of JUN displayed on the homepage is the Time-Weighted Average Price(TWAP) of JUN traded through the [KUSDT - JUN] pair swap in the KLAY SWAP during the previous round(8 hours)

*Treasury Contract

Treasury contract is a crucial factor in deciding the amount of issuance according to the distribution volume shown in the Price Oracle. It issues new JUN each round and distributes JUN to **Boardroom Contract.

**Boardroom Contract

Boardroom Contract acts as JUN distributor for JUNS staking lock-up rewards.

It is responsible for distributing JUN to users locked-up in JUNS Staking.

Adjustment of JUN Issuance Amount (updated on Feb 9th, 2022)

Before the adjustment of JUN Issuance Amount


JUNS has maximum issuance amount of 3,000,000. The allocation for liquidity is distributed linearly over the period of approximately 18 months.

The other 34% will be used as development fund for project expansion, marketing and strategic partnership.

  • Total Issuance: 3,000,000 JUNS

  • Allocation for liquidity: 1,967,000 JUNS (66%) - Allocation for each block: 0.03832 JUNS - KLAYswap [KUSDT-JUN] : 786,800 JUNS - KLAYswap [KLAY-JUNS] : 786,800 JUNS - KLAYswap [JUN-JUNC] : 393,400 JUNS * [JUN-JUNC] LP Staking Pool will be opened on Jan 18th, 2pm(GMT+9) through KLAYswap. * After you add liquidity on [JUN-JUNC] Pool, visit our JUN GameFi website and stake your LP Token to earn JUNS as a reward. Unless, you will not get a JUNS reward.

  • Dev Fund : 583,000 JUNS (19%)

  • Strategic Partnership : 300,000 JUNS (10%)

  • Marketing : 150,000 JUNS (5%)


JUNC is issued over three rounds per day, which is same as JUN.

Total of 2,300 JUNC is issued per round.

  • Round time: 08:00(UTC+9), 16:00(UTC+9), 24:00 (UTC+9)

JUNC is distributed at the end of each round according to share ratio of rolling point for each user playing in JUN Casino. You can claim JUNC based on your share ratio.

80% of issued JUNC is rewarded to users who played the Casino and other 20% is used as Dev Fund.

80% of JUNC used as a reward is distributed in two different ways. - Reward equally distributed for reaching over a certain rolling point (10%) - Reward distributed according to share ratio of each user (90%)

  • Liquidity Pool You can deposit JUNC in JUN-JUNC Liquidity Pool and receive JUNS as a interest.

  • DEX You can swap JUNC into any cryptocurrency using DEX(Where JUNC is listed).

  • NFT Enchant JUNC is used if you try to enchant NFT at a certain level.

  • JUNC Shop You can use JUNC to buy items utilized for JUN Casino and NFT in the future.

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