Continuous Burning Mechanism

JUN Burning Mechanism

JUN Meta focused on the Continuous Burning Mechanism.

We will strive to continuously create different ways to burn tokens in a stable way and continue to elevate our game with users.

JUN and JUNC(used to Mint and Enchant NFT, and buy items in JUNC Shop) are burned through below methods.

  1. Part of used JUN and JUNC are immediately burned. - JUN : 10% of burned JUN are issued and distributed to users locked-up in JUNS Staking.

  2. Price Stabilization Mechanism - If user uses JUN, we use specific amount of JUN to purchase JUNC and immediately burn the rest. - If user uses JUNC, we use specific amount of JUNC to purchase JUN and immediately burn the rest. - JUN Meta brings stability to the algorithm through this mechanism.

  3. DEV Fund - Part of User-used JUN and JUNC are utilized for development fund.

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