JUN Meta's first NFT is JOKER NFT, also called as POT.

POT contains meaning of a "Pot," which can consist of many things, and it also contains meaning of stack of "Bet" money in the Casino.

Purpose of NFT in JUN Meta is to serve as core part in burning JUN and JUNC. Its purpose also extends to game participation, sales, rental, and collateral for NFT loan.

NFT is currently used for game participation, and its role will evolve over a period of time as JUN Meta expands.


Minting of JOKER NFT is decided under following categories.

Background / Skin Color / Hair Color / Eye Color / Tatoo / Mouth / Outfit / Accessory

The reference values for each item are divided into 80 total, 10 each.


Attributes for JOKER NFT is classified according to amount of Chips provided to spend at JUN Casino.

Minimum and Maximum amount of chips available for each NFT is determined by integration of Minting probability.

There is 1-day of cooling time after recharging chips earned from JOKER NFT.

Tips: The more Joker NFTs you have, the more flexibility in supply of Chips you will get.


There are total of 10 Enchant Levels for JOKER NFT.

JUN is used to enchant NFT up to level 5, and both JUN and JUNC are required to enchant from level 5.

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