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Stake JUNS & Claim Rewards

2. Go to JUN META's official website and click the wallet icon on the top right of the page.
3. Swap JUNS on KLAYswap or earn JUNS as a reward for adding liquidity.
4. Lock JUNS for a certain period of time and claim JUN as a reward. Chose how long you would like to lock your JUNS and click Approve.
  • If you make additional deposit during Lock-up period, the period resets.
  • Interest is rewarded even after Lock-up period is passed until you click [Unstaking].
  • Once the Lock-up period is over, you can request for withdrawal by clicking [Unstaking]. Deposited JUNS can be withdrawn after the Unlock period ends. Reward is automatically claimed once you click [Unstaking].
  • There are no interests during the Unlock period.
  • If you deposit additional JUNS during the Unlock period, it adds up to existing JUNS and automaically resets Lock-up period.
  • Unlock period:
    • 1 Week lock up: 3 Round
    • 2 Weeks lock up: 2 Round
    • 1 Month lock up: 1 Round
  • After the Unlock period, click the [withdrawal] button.
5. Click the reward claim button to receive JUN. JUN reward claim is available for each round. Reward claim does not resets the lock up period.