Stake JUNS & Claim Rewards

1. Access to JUN META Official website.

2. Go to JUN META's official website and click the wallet icon on the top right of the page.

3. Swap JUNS on KLAYswap or earn JUNS as a reward for adding liquidity.

4. Lock JUNS for a certain period of time and claim JUN as a reward. Chose how long you would like to lock your JUNS and click Approve.


  • If you make additional deposit during Lock-up period, the period resets.

  • Interest is rewarded even after Lock-up period is passed until you click [Unstaking].

  • Once the Lock-up period is over, you can request for withdrawal by clicking [Unstaking]. Deposited JUNS can be withdrawn after the Unlock period ends. Reward is automatically claimed once you click [Unstaking].

  • There are no interests during the Unlock period.

  • If you deposit additional JUNS during the Unlock period, it adds up to existing JUNS and automaically resets Lock-up period.

  • Unlock period:

    • 1 Week lock up: 3 Round

    • 2 Weeks lock up: 2 Round

    • 1 Month lock up: 1 Round

  • After the Unlock period, click the [withdrawal] button.

5. Click the reward claim button to receive JUN. JUN reward claim is available for each round. Reward claim does not resets the lock up period.

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