JUN Casino

JUN Casino is first game of JUN Meta, and P2E GameFi completed as in-house development project.

Casino has universal law which does not require additional learning time. It offers a lower barrier to entrance compared to other games which is the main reason why we chose Casino as our main project.


You can start by betting chips and spin. If same colors, or numbers are aligned in the same line which matches the winning combination(It may differ for each game), You receive a dividend according to the dividend table. If it does not match the winning combination, you lose your betting chips.

It is widely well-known game that depends mostly on luck rather than skills. It is very popular among Casino games and it has many different themes and rules.


Table Game for Casino contains games that use Tables, Chips, Dice and Wheels.

Most well-known table games are Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Tai-Sai.


You spend Chips to play JUN Casino.

If you win a game, a certain amount of the acquired Chips are counted and added to the Rolling Point.

If you lose a game, a certain amount of used Chips(less calculated than a winning) are counted and added to the Rolling Point.


Earned JUNC and Share Ratio(located in upper-center of the Game) are refreshed every five minutes, and Rolling Point is automatically checked and shown to you.

Because it is in-house development project, continuous update for different genre of Slot Machine and Table games is available that meets the needs of users.

You can make money through user-friendly NFT and JUN Casino.

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