Liquidity Pools

Liquidity Pools for JUN Meta are comprised of [JUN-KUSDT], [JUNS-KLAY], [JUN-JUNC].

Allocation ratio of JUNS to provide liquidty is 4:4:2 as shown in the image above.

Please note that the allocation ratio may change as the ecosystem expands.


  • KLAYswap [KUSDT-JUN] : 786,800 JUNS

  • KLAYswap [KLAY-JUNS] : 786,800 JUNS

  • KLAYswap [JUN-JUNC] : 393,400 JUNS * [JUN-JUNC] LP Staking Pool will be opened on Jan 18th, 2pm(GMT+9) through KLAYswap. * After you add liquidity on [JUN-JUNC] Pool, visit our JUN GameFi website and stake your LP Token to earn JUNS as a reward. Unless, you will not get a JUNS reward.

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